Important Notice:
In Response to the Corona virus (COVID-19).
Our facility will be implementing the following measures.
・In an effort to prevent and minimize the spread of the Corona virus, we are promoting proper sanitation within the facility.
・In consideration of the health of both customers and staff, we formally request your cooperation in using the masks and
the alcohol-based disinfectants when you visit our premises.
・Hand sanitizer is now available throughout the hostel. We highly recommend practicing proper hand sanitization at all times.
・Temperatures will be taken of all guests and visitors inside our hostel. We request that anyone who is running a fever, or is otherwise in poor physical condition, refrain from entering the premises.

Mt. Fuji Hostel Michael's Opened July 2010!
The Best Location Anywhere for Exploring Mt. Fuji and the local area!
Mt Fuji Now A World Heritage Site as of June 22, 2013!

Churei-toh Pagoda is the number one view of Mt. Fuji, just a 20 minute walk from our Hostel!
Mt. Fuji Hostel Michael's is Located in Fujiyoshida City!
Just a 5 minute walk from the Gekkoji train station or a 15 minute walk from the Fuji-San train station!

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Michael's Mt.Fuji Hostel

2F 3-21-37 Shimoyoshida Fujiyoshida-shi, Yamanashi   Tel: +81 (555) 72-9139  FAX: +81 (555) 72-9159
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